Toolbox Sessions are quick, casual and interactive covering a general overview of the topic, plus the pros and cons, logistics, traps and mechanics of various strategies.

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Salary Sacrifice Regional Housing + Individual Flexible Agreements

Vanessa Mendes is hosting the first Toolbox Session together with Nicola Grummitt from Fox & Thomas Business Lawyers.

TOPIC 1 – How to salary package your housing costs and other benefits! 

TOPIC 2 – Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFA’s). IFAs are an agreement employers can put in place for their staff that mean the employee gets paid more BUT the employer limits any claims in relation to overtime, weekend, public holiday work, etc.  

Tax Planning For Business

Tax Planning is a crucial time of the year for business big and small providing opportunities to save significant amounts of tax. 
Now is when Accountants and Business Advisers deliver the greatest value and are working hard to find every opportunity to legally minimise your tax bill however it's crucial to take action before 30 June. 

During this TOOLBOX SESSION, Vanessa will uncover over a dozen tax saving tips and strategies for business owners, this year alone she’s saved clients anywhere from $4k through to a whopping $84k and more even pending on personal circumstances.


Stucturing to save Tax & Protect Assets

The structure of your business is a major contributing factor to how much tax you pay and how well protected your assets are if it goes pear shaped!

It is crucial to get this right so if you'd like to learn more, come along to our discussion on how your business structure can help you save tax and protect assets.

What is SMSF? How does it work? How much does it cost to establish? How involved and what am I obligated to do? 

All your questions answered about SMSF and how to use your superannuation to buy either commercial or residential property plus a variety of other assets.

Xero Basics & Features

This Toolbox Session will focus on Xero accounting Software - Small business accounting software that’s beautifully simple. We’ll explore how it can work for you and your business with all the tips, tricks and hacks to save you time.

How to lodge your own BAS

During this Toolbox Session Vanessa will give you tools to be able to complete and lodge your own BAS. At first, preparing your BAS can be a little challenging and time consuming, however having the right tools and know-how can make this process simple. 

Toolbox Sessions are quick, casual and interactive covering the pros and cons, logistics and exactly how to get these strategies implemented into your business. Vanessa loves educating business owners and is passionate about any strategy that can save money and protect business owners! 

Understand your numbers - Management Accounting 101

This Session will help business owners to understand the importance of numbers and how they affect your business. Learn how to read your profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow reports. What does this information mean? How can it be used to make a difference in your business? 

Business targets, setting key performance indicators (KPI's) and more best practice activities you can implement into your business.

Money & Mindset -Your Relationship With Cash

Money & Mindset Workshops are delivered to small groups of individuals who are wanting to build skills and take control of the financial circumstances. You will leave this session with clarity, purpose, and direction; as well as practical tools and knowledge to implement for immediate results.

The workshop is designed to give you insight on the results that can come when psychology meets accounting. Having these skills will reduce decision fatigue as well as improved well-being to ensure success in whatever area of life is important to you.

Business Tools + Ask TAXCHIC Anything

The final Toolbox session of the season will focus on tools available for business owners to save time, increase performance and streamline processes. This session will have an open forum style and will be followed by a Q&A session for any business or accounting questions you may have. Ease in to the weekend and join Vanessa for lunch afterwards.

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Salary Packaging Remote Area Benefits

15 May, 2017

Salary Packaging is a  tax effective way to receive your salary as a combination of income and benefits that allows you to deduct some of your pre-tax income and use it to pay for a variety of benefits.

By reducing your pre-tax income you can reduce the amount of income tax you pay, and in turn increase the amount you take home each pay day. 

Employees based in an ATO designated remote area are eligible for additional benefits. These fringe benefit tax (FBT) exempt items are offered by the Federal Government to assist rural and remote organisations to attract and retain employees.

Drone over a River

Potential Strategies to Legally Minimise Your Tax Bill

15 June, 2017

Tax Planning is a key element of wealth creation. Paying taxes can be a major cost in your business and not managing it correctly can be a significant barrier to cash flow and achieving your business goals. May and June is the time of the year when your tax adviser delivers their greatest value as they look forward and deliver strategies to help you keep more of your hard-earned cash.

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