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Lets call TIME OUT....just for a minute


Just for a little bit.

This coronavirus thing is absolutely exhausting for so many and I look around seeing all professionals really stressed and burnt out after the last few weeks and we've still potentially got months of this ahead of us. This corona disaster has created two massive problems that we need to handle together - the financial crisis and the health crisis. For everyone working so hard right now, doing so much, regardless of what you're doing, I see you and I get you.

But let me say, looking after yourself and your family during these difficult times is equally important. It's overwhelming. The new normal is exhausting. I've never seen the workload that we've seen in the last two weeks, and I'm one of the lucky ones that has the team and capability to scale up to happily handle it all. But other business owners perhaps aren't so fortunate, they are absolutely drained, stressed and really worried and they need your support now more than ever. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup!

Please support everyone who is contributing and working their heart out right now. Call them to make sure they are okay too and for everyones sake, please stay home.

Peeps, whether you're a business owner or not, right now it's so important to look after yourself and your mental health and remember, when it's all said and done, we've all got so much love to give and share with each other! So don't disconnect just because you're distancing. This isn't forever, make time to look after yourself and the people who matter the most... I'm off to do just that.

Taxchic x

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