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What lockdown support is available for Queenslanders?

Support is available if your business was impacted by the Queensland lockdowns recently.

If your business was impacted by the last lockdowns in South East Queensland and Cairns and Yarrabah, support is available for your business through the QLD 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant and the top-up grants package; and the one-off $1,000 payment to impacted sole traders.


The QLD 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant provides grants of up to $5,000 for businesses impacted by the lockdowns plus a ‘top-up’ grant based on the size of your payroll (seeTop up’ grants package below) bringing the total value of the grant to between $10,000 and a maximum of $30,000.


To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  • Employ staff on your payroll (excluding business owners); and

  • Have a Queensland headquarters (i.e., your principal place of business is located in Queensland) and you were trading in Queensland on 31 July 2021; and

  • Have an ABN continuously held from 30 June 2021; and

  • Be registered for GST; and

  • Have an annual turnover of more than $75,000 or more during any of the 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 financial years (new businesses that do not have a full financial year can demonstrate that they will meet the turnover test requirement for 2021-22); and

  • Have experienced a decline in turnover of at least 30% over a 7 day period that includes at least one full day of lockdown compared to turnover during the same 7 day period in July or August 2019. For new businesses that do not have a comparison period, or for businesses where 2019 did not represent a usual trading period, use another period such as July/August 2020.

For small and medium businesses:

  • Have an annual Queensland payroll of not more than $10 million during any of the 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 financial years.

  • For large tourism operators:

  • Have an annual Queensland payroll of more than $10 million during any of the 2018-19, 2019-20 or 2020-21 financial years; and

  • Operate in the tourism and hospitality sector (check the ANZSIC codes). Your details on the Australian Business Register will need to match these codes and can be updated through your MyGov account.

Employing sole traders who are not receiving the COVID-19 Disaster Payment and non-for-profits are eligible for the grant if the meet the eligibility criteria.

UPDATE - Your business does not have to be located in a locked down local government area to access the grant but businesses that are located outside lock down areas must provide evidence to show a reduction in turnover of more than 30%.


South East Queensland

31 July to 8 August 2021

Cairns and Yarrabah

8 August to 11 August 2021

Any other lockdown

August 2021

Insolvent businesses or businesses whose owners are insolvent or an undischarged bankrupt are ineligible for the grant.


Businesses that qualify for the QLD 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant will also receive a ‘top up’ grant based on payroll size:

Top-up grant Payroll size

$5,000 Less than $1.3m

$10,000 $1.3m to $10m

$25,000 $10m or more (aimed at tourism and hospitality businesses)

How to apply

Applications are made online through the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority and close on 16 November 2021.

You will need to submit a letter from your accountant on their letterhead verifying your business’s turnover, decline in turnover, and payroll, or submit:

· Sales data evidencing a reduction in turnover;

· Payroll records, payroll tax information or other evidence of your business being an employer;

· BAS statements or other ATO records demonstrating turnover eligibility.

If required, your business’s trading location can be verified using your public website or utility bills for the business location.


The Queensland and Federal Governments have announced a one-off, $1,000 grant for non-employing sole traders across Queensland that have had a decline in turnover of more than 30%.

The full details of this package are not yet available but you can register your interest here.

The material and contents provided in this publication are informative in nature only. It is not intended to be advice and you should not act specifically on the basis of this information. If expert assistance is required, professional advice should be obtained. Updated 17 August 2021

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